Grants Awarded in 2015-2016

1. Liberty Social Thinking Collaborative $591.80
Submitted by Gina Hardin and Jessica Howell of Liberty Elementary School

This project will use the concepts from the Social Thinking curriculum to help students with Autism improve their social skills. The project will apply the ILAUGH Model of social thinking to develop skills in the area of pragmatic language with students with Autism. The ILAUGH model is an acronym for the following elements of social communication and problem solving. They are:

I = Initiating
L= Listening with eyes and brain
A= Abstracting and Inferencing social situations
U= Understanding perspective
G= Getting the Big Picture (gestalt)
H= Humor and Human relationships

Materials that support social thinking will be used to develop and refine social skills in students with social language deficits. Materials will include video scripting supports, social thinking curriculums and literature that support social skills and problem solving.

2. Adaptive Equipment for Elementary Daily Living Skills Learning Centers $1713.00
Submitted by Jessica Kane, Alyssa Covey, Anna Baehr, Angela Bartosic, and Lisa Forsythe of Brookside Elementary School

Funds will purchase assistive technology that will allow students with significant disabilities the opportunity to access the general education curriculum through communication, engagement, and mobility. These devices will also allow teachers to get a better understanding of students’ abilities by allowing them the opportunity to participate in activities they may not have been able to prior. The assistive technology funded by this grant will service 18 students in the Daily Living Skills Learning Center (DLSLC) ages K-6 at Brookside Elementary.

3. Granby Maker Space $750.00
Submitted by Anastasia Mayberry of Granby Elementary School (Partial Funding)

Funds will purchase materials to create a “Makerspace” in Granby Elementary School’s library, in order to provide opportunities for inquiry-based learning for students. Materials purchased will include construction sets to build and create with, in order to stimulate teamwork, spark creativity, and develop problem-solving skills in young children. Older elementary students in 3rd and 4th grades will be able to build robots and construct complicated structures with wooden planks. The goal of the project is to encourage free exploration and building during Related Arts Noon Options (in the library), in order to help students grow academically and as independent thinkers.

4. Suicide Prevention $3000.00
Submitted by Brianna Abott, Ariel Schwartz, Angela Adrean, Andrea Gratz, and Molly Lord of Worthington Kilbourne High School

Funds will purchase suicide prevention programming training for the Worthington Schools community, by partnering with expert Suicidologists, Dr. Darcy Granello and Dr. Paul Granello. The counselors and administrators at Worthington Kilbourne High School will work with Drs. Granello to plan and coordinate the implementation of the project with additional support and assistance from administrators, deans, and counselors in other buildings. The purpose of this project is to raise awareness about suicide and specific steps needed to help prevent suicides by targeting two key audiences – staff and parents.

5. Granby & Liberty Little Free Libraries $1099.95
Submitted by Patti Schlaegel, Susan Drake, Tyler Hollinger, and Julie Payne of Granby & Liberty (Partial Funding) Elementary Schools

Funds will purchase the materials to install four little library boxes in carefully selected locations in the Granby and Liberty attendance areas. This project will provide students with easy access to take and share books of their choosing. The grant recipients will partner with students and families to build and install the little libraries which will encourage a sense of ownership and community, while providing quality literature to students in a unique way.

6. Black History Month Speaker at WKHS $1000.00
Submitted by David Strausbaugh of WKHS (Partial Funding)

Funds will support an honorarium of speaker Charles McLaurin, a former volunteer for the Freedom Summer Project in Mississippi in 1964 who helped register African-Americans to vote. The primary purpose of this project is to bring awareness to students about the struggles and challenges which faced African-Americans and civil rights volunteers in the South during the 1960s. Mr. McLaurin will speak at two Black History Month assemblies on February 24. He will then have lunch with interested faculty and community members, and then be available to speak to individual classes so there can be some Q&A in a smaller group setting.

7. Standing Desks at Worthingway Middle School $813.15
Submitted by Shane Tisdale of Worthingway Middle School

Funds will purchase 5 standing desks for a classroom at Worthingway Middle School. They are adjustable to fit any student, and are designed to sit on top of existing tables, therefore transforming existing equipment into work space that will benefit many students. They can be easily moved from period to period, table to table and they stack easily for storage when not in use. Mr. Tisdale has often observed students standing at tables, hunched over trying to complete projects, or taking frequent movement breaks. He believes the standing desks will benefit the health, focus, and education of his students, specifically for those who are academically challenged due to focus issues. Allowing them to stand while they work could provide the opportunity for them to move without having to stop working, thus increasing the chance for more work completion and improving academic performance.

8. TedX Sign $500.00
Submitted by Jerry Obney of Thomas Worthington High School

The funds will purchase a large sign to be placed on the fence facing 161 on the TWHS property in order to promote and raise community awareness of Worthington’s first ever TED event. TEDxWorthington is being organized by a group of students and teachers from TWHS. The event will be held on February 27th at the MAC. The purpose of the commercial grade sign is to help promote the TED event this year and for years to come.

9. Musical Costume and Prop Stock at Worthingway Middle School $500.00
Submitted by Jacob Reed and Jeff Horst of Worthingway Middle School (Partial Funding)

Funds will purchase reusable costumes and props to support the Worthingway Arts Program, which engages students in life-enriching arts experiences and provides a rigorous environment for students to train for future opportunities in the arts. The program offers a workshop in theatre in the fall, and a full musical in the spring. The project of acquiring costumes and props will give students more age appropriate production materials to use while reducing the financial burden of participation for economically disadvantaged families.