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The Worthington Educational Foundation is thrilled to announce the “BIG IDEA” Grant!!

The Worthington Educational Foundation (WEF) is a community-wide, tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization whose purpose is to fund grants to enrich learning experiences for the students of the Worthington City Schools The WEF is seeking to fund a “Big Idea” grant that will draw positive attention to the district and attract additional donors to our foundation which allows future grants to our schools. We are prepared to fund a grant up to $100,000. We are particularly interested in projects that:

• are creative;
• are impactful;
• particularly benefit students considered “at risk” due to financial or academic challenges;
• are district wide, or at least grade-level wide;
• are sustainable – that is, will continue to provide value beyond the initial funding period;
• are easily communicated to the broader community;
• enhance collaboration between grades, or schools;
• have the potential to leverage additional funds from other sources

Intent to Apply
No more than one page long, addressing the following criteria:

What benefit will this project bring to the district? What student needs are being met through this project?

How many students will be impacted by this project? How does this project align with the district’s strategic plan? Is this project targeted at low income families or other special need students? What gaps does this funding help the district to bridge?

What goals will be established to measure success? How long will it take to meet or exceed those goals? How will we know that we are making progress toward these goals, i.e. mid-project evaluation?

How is this project going to stand out from other work being done in the district? What makes it innovative or creative?

Will this project reach students across the district or at least an entire grade level? How will collaboration among teachers and staff be enhanced?

Establish partnerships
What opportunities for establishing partnerships through this project have you identified? Have all impacted par-ties been consulted? Is there a group in the community that could assist with implementation or funding?

Achieve sustainability
How will this project continue to thrive after the grant period ends? What other ways could this need be met?
Required approvals
1. Your supervisor or principal must approve of your intent to apply. Approval should be communicated in an e-mail from his or her district e-mail address to The approval message should identify the applicants and the project title, with special “BIG IDEA” notation.
2. If you are requesting funds for hardware or software, Keith Schlarb’s approval must be obtained before we will review the intent to apply. Please give him at least two weeks to review your request prior to the application due date. His approval should be communicated to us in an e-mail from his district e-mail ad-dress to

Important Information & Deadlines

Intent to apply (one page briefing), emailed to  Monday, January 5, 2015
Round one applicants notified of continuing process, Thursday, January 15, 2015
Full Application due, Monday, March 16, 2015
Interviews for applications, March, April by appointment
Grant awarded, early May 2015. Exact amount and schedule for funds distribution TBD
Grant to take effect starting school year 2015-2016; Press event to announce grant TBD
*Applications must come from a current staff member of the Worthington School District
**WEF will only issue a grant if an application that meets our criteria. We reserve the right to hold funds until an acceptable grant is identified


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